5 comments on “Final Thoughts on Marvel vs Capcom 3

  1. My only real problem with the game is X-Factor. I don’t think it adds anything and I think it ruins the flow of matches.

    I still say that I think your approach to the game is the reason you don’t like it. You can’t play that game like you play Dhalsim and have any fun with it. It’s fast, it’s flashy, it’s combo-oriented, and you have to make things happen.

  2. I can’t help it if i more of a tactician and like to use my brain. Plus I also use Sakura who is the complete opposite of Dhalshim.

  3. It’s called being a defensive player. When I pick characters with lower health and power against guys like Ryu, Chun-Li and Guile it doesn’t pay to just rush in.

  4. btw this is from EventHubs on how to play Sakura :
    ” most players will know her tricks. Play her patiently, punish, and you’ll get the win.” Sounds like I’m doing it right. Lol and I love how this conversation went from MvsC3 to SSF4.

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