6 comments on “All Star Superman Movie Review

  1. Totally agree. I looked forward to this flick for quite a while and wow…what a ragin piece of crap. An insult to the character. Way to drop the ball after great success with the GL, WW and Under the Red Hood flicks. Hope the upcoming live action will be better than this garbage. Save your cash and time and just go watch 76 minutes of bloody C-SPAN instead.

  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the live action movie. There is no way they’ll let it be as bad Superman Returns.

  3. What was convoluted about it?
    The movie presented Superman trying to do as much as he could before he died.

    He progressed through a series of events that led up to his eventual “ALL STAR”-hood.

    This was one of the most personable iterations of Superman I’ve encountered in awhile.

  4. I never read the All Star Superman series so that is probably why I had a hard time grasping this movie. Samson and Atlas felt like they really didn’t serve any point to the plot of the movie and the way Superman solved the riddle of the Sphinx, by seeing the answer on the back of a newspaper 2 seconds before, just didn’t feel like good writing.

  5. I agree with the Rabbit. It was convoluted because it tried to do too much. Whatever their intentions were, the writers/director bit off more than they could chew.

  6. The book(s) were formatted that every chapter can stand alone as a self-contained story, but the overall arc of the cancer permeates throughout.

    The Super-Serum was introduced earlier in the film to set up Lex Luthor getting a hold of it in the climax.

    …I initially agreed with you about the ultraspinx question, but now that I think about it… the fact that the newspaper was from the future made his answer all the more… resourceful, in a sense.

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