4 comments on “New Marvel vs Capcom DLC Costumes

  1. Super excited about this! They have their hands tied with the Marvel side because they have to stick to the canon for the most part. No clue what they’ll do with MODOK, Shuma, and Doom, but World War Hulk and Marvel Girl are good choices. Hopefully they go with mohawk Storm and not that awful 90’s costume.

    Do you think they tie Magento’s alt into the new movie or go with something established from the comics?

  2. I’d love to see a mohawk storm. I’m hoping they do the Jim Lee outfit from the 90’s for Jean Grey, I always loved that one. As for Magneto they could use his out fit from when he led the New Mutants. It’s ugly but different. As for Doom they could do his 2099 outfit which is physically different than his current one.

  3. Yeah good point. I’d prefer Marvel Girl though. 😛 Also can’t imagne what they’ll do with Sentinel. It’ll be cool to see what they come up with. The SF4 packs were always a mixed bag, but these first 6 for MvC3 look amazing already.

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